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Environmental Policy

For contributing to the sustainability of society,
Shimojima Co., Ltd. works under the following environmental policy.

At Shimojima, we work under a corporate credo of making society more comfortable by providing wrapping products and associated products and services.
While wrapping has remained as important in industry as ever, environmental awareness has been increasing globally. Because the wrapping industry is closely related to the environment, the role the industry plays in protecting the environment and achieving a sustainable society has been growing increasingly important.
Given this social situation, we pursue our environmental conservation activities under the following policy.

  • We pledge to work towards the prevention of environmental pollution with a correct understanding of the environmental impact and risks of our activities, products, and services. We also pledge to continually improve our environmental management system so as to strengthen our environmental performance.
  • We will adopt measures for conforming to environmental standards that will be increasingly strict, by observing environmental laws and regulations and other criteria that we recognize as important, so as to alleviate and adapt to climate change.
  • We will be actively involved in the conservation activities of local communities to help them maintain an excellent environment.
  • In our activities, products, and services, we will focus our efforts particularly on the following.
      1. (1) Planning, development, and quality control of house brand products which are aimed at reducing the impact on the environment, as well as the sustainable use of resources
        (2) Promoting energy and resource conservation and reduction of CO2 emissions
        (3) Reducing the amount of waste we generate and comprehensively promoting recycling
  • We recognize that responding to sustainability issues is one of our top business priorities, and we aim to contribute to building a sustainable society and to continuously increase our corporate value through activities based on our management philosophy.
  • To achieve the above environmental policy, we will set environmental targets and goals, review them as necessary, document them, and have all of our employees continue to take actions accordingly.

April 1, 2023
Shimojima Co., Ltd.
Yoshihiko Kasai, CEO