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Shimojima Matsudo Store

  • Shimojima Matsudo Store

No. 1 product lineup in the region!12,000 items are available.
Even if your desired product is not available on the sales floor, we can place an order for it.
Please feel free to ask our staff.


Address 241-2 Kogane, Matsudo-shi, Chiba 270-0014 JAPAN
Tel: +81-47-341-5138
Fax: +81-47-345-0682
Business hours 9:00 - 18:00
Days closed Irregular holidays
Access Take the Shin-Keisei Bus bound for the Kai-no-hana Elementary School route from Kita Kogane Station and get off at Kogane Shita-machi.
Parking lot

Information about Products on Each Floor

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2F Wrapping paper, paper bags, ribbons, POP goods, clothing boxes, corrugated boxes and flower-related products Paper bag corner
Offers a wide range of products.
Please come and take a look.

Wrapping paper corner
Offers a wide range of products
from gift wrapping paper to general ones.

Gift sticker and ribbon corner
Offers single satin, amber for gifts, capital curl ribbons, metal ribbons and more.
1F Plastic bags, plastic shopping bags, trash bags, food packaging materials, adhesive tape, stationery, office supplies and event goods Stationery corner
Offers writing instruments, files, notebooks and cartoon character stationery.

Chemical product corner
Offers various plastic bags from a thickness of 0.02 to 0.08.

Japonica notebooks
Japanese, mathematics, communication notebooks
Offers diverse notebooks for students from elementary school to high school.

Food packaging materials
Offers a wide range of chopsticks
such as bamboo chopsticks, Genroku chopsticks and Tensoge chopsticks.

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Shimojima Directly Managed Stores

Shimojima Directly Managed Stores


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