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Shimojima Gifu Store

  • Shimojima Gifu Store

This store offers a lineup of approx. 23,000 items, including wrapping goods, food packaging materials, stationery, general goods, bridal goods, artificial flowers, and preserved flowers. These products can be purchased at a wholesale price.If you have any difficulty finding products such as wrapping goods (excluding some products), office supplies, novelty items, prizes for kids and more, please contact our store.


Address 9-8 Nagazumi-cho, Gifu-shi, Gifu 500-8175 JAPAN
Tel: +81-58-253-2253
Fax: +81-58-253-2254
Business hours 9:30 - 18:00 on Mondays through Saturdays
10:00 - 18:00 on Sundays and national holidays
Days closed Irregular holidays
Access 15 minutes’ walk from JR Gifu Station
20 minutes’ walk from Meitesu Gifu Station
Parking lot

Information about Products on Each Floor

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2F ales floor for stationery and office supplies, OA goods, food packaging materials, sanitary cleaning goods, arranged flowers, card posters, panel boards, ribbons and bridal products Arranging materials
We offer the No. 1 lineup of artificial flowers and preserved flowers in Gifu.
Many artificial flowers and preserved flower items are displayed in the store.
In addition to arranged flowers, essential items for weddings and DIY are available.Rich variations in color.

New stationery products
We offer a rich lineup of popular products.
New products from manufacturers are in stock at any time!

Stationery for kids
We offer the Ratchetta series, which was selected by stationery professionals and won the Grand Prix of ISOT. We offer a lineup of stationery for schools.

Food containers
We offer a rich lineup of lunch box containers and food packaging materials to be used for festivals.
We plan to expand the types of food packaging materials in the future.

Jelly and pudding cups
This store is the only place where jelly cups, pudding cups and bottles are sold in stores in Gifu City.

Cups for confectioneries
We offer chiffon cake cups, Tenman’s bestselling product.
Rich variations in patterns and size.
Muffin cups and baking cups are also available.
1F A sales floor for paper bags, chemical products, adhesive tape, supply boxes , seasonal event products, packaging paper, gift stickers and envelopes for monetary gifts General goods
Interior goods are now available.
We recommend them for decorating stores and homes.
We offer discounts by reducing the price from the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.
We can order products from brochures. We look forward to your visit.

We offer the greatest lineup of products in Gifu.
Versatile products are available, including satin, organdy, curled and wire ribbons.

Paper bags
We offer the No. 1 lineup of products in the region.
We will propose products to cater to your needs.
Personalization by putting a name on products is also available.
Please feel free to consult with us.

Wrapping paper
We offer the greatest lineup of products in Gifu.
A wide range of products is available for business uses to small roll types.
If products are not available in the store, we can order them to be delivered directly to you.

OPP packs
We offer a lineup of approx. 1,000 items.
Versatile products are available, including ones with side seals, tape or headers.
Rich variations in size.
Business support

Store Access Map

Shimojima Directly Managed Stores

Shimojima Directly Managed Stores


Package Plaza (directly managed)