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  • Wako Shimojima, CEO
  • SHIMOJIMA Co., Ltd., as a wrapping materials wholesaler, has been providing various lines of consumer products such as stationery and store decoration merchandise, as well as wrapping goods, since its establishment in 1920.

    Our basic management philosophy is to supply goods to meet the needs of customers in response to the change of the times. Based on this philosophy, we have consistently developed our wrapping materials operations and related goods business in such a way as to have established a solid base in the industry.

    It is our aim to enhance the richness and comfort of everyday life by providing and developing various kinds of wrapping goods, focusing in particular on environmental friendliness.

    We will continue to manage our business with the flexibility to meet clients’ needs, complying with all legal requirements, and responding to the demands, not only of the market, but of the community as a whole.
Wako Shimojima, CEO


Corporate Name
Kabushiki-Gaisha Shimojima
Corporate Name
Inaugurated 1920
Established April 26, 1962
Capital \ 1,405million
Head Office 5-29-8, Asakusabashi,
Taito-ku, Tokyo

Number of Employees 1,237( 858 full time as of March 31st , 2013)
Main Business Lines Wholesale and retail of paper products (bags wrapping paper boxes).
Plastic products ( poly-bags adhesive tapes etc.) ,and other shop-use goods
( point-of-purchase displays,stationery,etc.)
Operations Offices Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Morioka, Sendai, Niigata, Kanazawa, Utsunomiya, Saitama, Chiba, Yokohama, Shizuoka, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka
Directly Managed Stores
Tokyo・・・ Yokoyamacho, Bakurocho, No.5 Asakusabashi-kan, Fuchu,
Kanto Tsuhan, canaelle, east side tokyo,
east side tokyo Craft Store, WRAPPLE,
PackagePlaza Sangenjyaya, PackagePlaza Nakano
Propack Kappabashi, Propack Tachikawa
Osaka・・・ Shinsaibashi, No.3 Senba center building,
No.7 Senba center building, Propack Higashi Osaka
Others・・・ Nagoya, Meidocho, Newport Hitachinaka, Utsunomiya,
Utsunomiya-Ichiba, Matsudo, Funabashi, Gifu, Sannomiya,
Package Plaza Hirabayashi, Package Plaza Miyachiyo,
Package Plaza Yokohama,Propack Tokorozawa,
Propack Nishi-Oji Gojo, Bridal Box Fukuoka,
Bridal Box Anniversary Salon Yokohama,
east side tokyo Center-kita
Distribution Centers Tanuma,Toubu,Seibu
Board of Directors
President Wako Shimojima   Director Tohru Uematsu
Senior Managing
Kohzo Yanaka   Director Yukihiko Kuwako
Managing Director Hirokazu Ohba   Director Yoshihiko Kasai
Managing Director Shozo Yokoyama   Standing Auditor Yukiyoshi Hiramatsu
Managing Director Komei Shimojima   Standing Audito Ikuo Shirasawa
Director Kuninori Kawanishi   Auditor Katsuhito Funai
Director Masaaki Ishikawa   Auditor Yuichi Satoh
Director Hidehiko Igi      
Clients AOKI Holdings, Inc.,adidas Japan K.K., SEVEN&i HLDGS. Co.,Ltd.,
DCM Holdings Co., Ltd.,Japan Tabaco Inc., FAST RETAILING Co., Ltd.,
Bankers Mizuho Bank, Ltd. The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
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